Turn any software into a cloud solution

Nanocloud virtualizes your application in order to make it available on-demand. Your software is cloud-ready in less time than with the competing solutions.

No additionnal code is required to make your software cloud or SaaS ready

Run your software in the cloud today without rewrite

Transform any legacy x86 software into a SaaS solution without any additional line of code. It works perfectly with any graphical user interface application.

Your software runs in any html5 browser and you don't need fat client installation

Render fat-client software in any HTML5 browser

Nanocloud delivers virtualized remote desktops and applications through a single platform. It supports end users with access to all their resources through an unified HTML5 workspace.

Price is calculated per processor and per year.

Fully predictable operating cost

Nanocloud is priced per processor/year, with unlimited users, applications and virtual machines.

You still have securely access to your local database from the cloud

Expose securely local user resources

End users can still access their files, databases and other services from the cloud without any firewall modification.

Nanocloud offers a hosting solution in Europe and North America

Choose your hosting solution

Managed, dedicated or on-site, Nanocloud works on your choice of x86 commodity hardware and preferred Linux operating system.

Nanocloud offers a complete solution for your cloud platform

What's in the package

  • Custom made HTML5 Proxy to render your application in any browser
  • A security gateway to expose user local resources
  • Statistic and monitoring tools
  • A backup strategy
  • Nanocloud's virtual machine orchestrator
  • Fully operational Linux and Windows templates

Your cloud environnement can be supervised by a follow-the-sun support team

Available sales options

  • 24-Hour/7-Day support for production environments
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery design
  • Hosting in Europe and North America
  • High availability for infrastructures and applications

How does it work?

We've made a lot of efforts to give this solution simplicity.

Install Nanocloud in less than 5 minutes; your cloud platform is ready!

Deploy Nanocloud on any bare metal server

It's a 5-minute easy and auto-installation per server. Your first virtual machine is up and running immediately.

Install your software once as you would normally do

Install the software you want to publish

Choose your Linux or Windows Operating System and install your application.

Your software is now available on-demand on the cloud

Your application is now available on-demand!

Start your software from any browser. You just need a connection!

Having more questions?

Schedule a demo with a Nanocloud’s Engineer. We can help you evaluate every aspect of your project, from ROI to SLA, to determine if Nanocloud is right for you.