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Most of the applications will be in the cloud

Nanocloud was founded in 2015 as a result of a simple observation: Businesses are supporting millions of legacy applications that are not compatible with news uses linked to the cloud.

However, cloud based software are undeniably leading digital transformation of businesses.

This statement led Dominique Rodrigues and Erfane Arwani, engineers who think purely in cloud concepts to develop Nanocloud’s platform. It enables companies and software vendors to secure their application portfolio by answering news uses and business models and by pushing their application into the cloud without rewriting any line of code.

Nanocloud aims to be the most innovative solution in digital transformation market.

Erfane Arwani

Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Erfane started his career as Project Manager for Natexis Banques Populaires. He then held positions as Trading Floor Engineer and Project Manager for other large banking and insurance institutions as Société Générale, BNP Paribas and Axa.
He is Co-Founder of Nanocloud and assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Dominique Rodrigues

Co-Founder, CTO & Board Member

Dominique started his career as researcher engineer. He has been working for 20 years on high performance computing and virtualization. He received his PhD in numerical modeling and parallel computing from École Centrale Paris and he graduated from École Normale Supérieure.
He is now Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Nanocloud Software.

Cedric Carbone

Co-Founder, Strategy Advisor & Board Member

Cedric started his career in Paris as Java Department Manager for Brainsoft. He then joined Talend, at the inception in 2006 as Chief Technical Officer and helped the company grow to become the global big data integration software leader. With 15 years of Big Data, Open-source and Cloud-Computing experience he held various management and executive roles.
Cedric is now Co-Founder & CTO at Influans and joined Nanocloud Software in 2015 as a Co-Founder Strategy Advisor and as a Board Member.

Matthieu Hug

Seed4soft, Board Member

Matthieu started his career in Paris as a consultant for Capgemini where he worked mainly on IT strategy projects. He has worked for over a decade in IT enterprise modernization and management, he is an entrepreneur and innovator with successful experiences.
Matthieu is now Board Member at Nanocloud and investor in several start-ups in digital marketing and cloud computing sector.

Maximilien Bacot

Breega Capital, Board Member

Maximilien started his career in Paris as a Telecom consultant for Beijaflore. After launching Tele2’s ADSL Triple Play offer, he founded a consulting company specialized in the Telecom industry where he advised telecom operators as well as public entities on strategic, marketing and financial aspects of this type of projects.
Maximilien is now Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Breega Capital and Board Member at Nanocloud Software.

Mathias Flattin

Siparex Proximité Innovation, Board Member

Mathias began his career as Financial Analyst in Bank Guarantee for OSEO, BPI France. He then served as Private Equity Analyst for FSI regions. In 2012, he started at Siparex Venture Paris where he quickly evolves as Investment Director. Mathias focuses on disruptive innovation in Internet technologies, B2B Software and Industries and Governance and management strategies.
He is Board Member at Nanocloud Software.

Matthieu Michaud

Sales Director

Matthieu began his career as Sales Manager for Thomson/Technicolor. After developping software sales in Europe for Media and Telecommunication markets he joined Anevia where he successfully created new line of businesses in the US. Matthieu is now Sales Director for Nanocloud.

Romain Soufflet

Lead Developer

Olivier Berthonneau

Software Engineer

William Riancho

Software Engineer

Kelly Letheule

Program Marketing Manager

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