Talend, the global big data integration software leader has choosen Nanocloud to transform its demo platform into a fully cloud solution.


ESI, the pioneer and world-leading provider in Virtual Prototyping transforms its legacy product, Visual Environment, in a SaaS application available directly from a web browser, without reworking existing code.

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Excelcar is an open innovation lab for industries, they selected Nanocloud to use CPU intensive application in a private cloud and visualize results through web client.



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ESI was looking for a disruptive partner able to guide them through their digital transformation of both the company and customers. In a very competitive environment, industrial players must continuously innovate and find growth opportunities. “As soon as we address the software and applications industry, the cloud seems to be an evidence”, states Jean-Louis Duval, Platform Director at ESI Group.

As leading innovator in virtual prototyping, ESI launched their ESI public cloud offering. This enables access to ESI’s most popular software solutions, such as Virtual Performance Solution and OpenFOAM®, to any company, no matter its size. To meet the additional need to deliver private cloud solutions, allowing clients’ to retain their existing internal processes, ESI chose Nanocloud. Agility, innovation, streamlined costs, flexibility, ergonomics: after a quick demonstration and a full-scale test with one of our client, we understood that ESI and Nanocloud were meant to collaborate.


To embrace digital transformation, you have to keep your feet on the ground, and your head in the clouds! The cloud is a disruptive technology, and virtualization greatly eases the transition from the ancient to the new world.

“ESI’s clients need an important computing capacity to virtually replicate tests in developing their products. This takes a lot of resources, infrastructures and the associated costs can be important“, Jean-Louis Duval explains.

ESI was looking for a way to deliver the best software solution with the benefits of virtualization, but without changing current clients’ working methods. ESI envisioned a platform enabling customers to use its software anywhere, at any time and through any device. Today, all team members can use the full software and answer to client requirements, no matter the location. The clients can continue to host and share their virtually replicated data and respect best practices to work on their numerical models efficiently.

Nanocloud's contribution

For ESI’s clients to benefit from the private cloud solution, ESI had two possible options:

• re-develop the software internally,

• existing software into a SaaS, without rewriting the existing code.

Nanocloud quickly proved to be trustworthy and guided ESI Group to the second option instead of the first one, which was more expensive and risky (development, human resources, etc.).

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Soitec transforms its Windows applications into cloud solutions. Thanks to Nanocloud, every application is now accessible via a Chromebook, with no migration effort.
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