Software vendors, you're striving to develop
a new SAAS model with your legacy software?

Nanocloud allows you to easily propose your legacy software
as a service on new potential markets
Key benefits

New business opportunities

Expand your client portfolio and increase your turnover by at least 15% per year with a new SaaS offer.

SaaS booster

Adapt your business model to SaaS logic and offer your solution as a service to your customers.

Riskless & Fast adoption

Keep and identical user experience with your web browser and minimize risks linked to new product line redevelopment.

«Our clients need a significant computing capacity on their workstations to take full advantage of our software solutions, which require a lot of graphic resources (GPU). We were thus looking for a solution able to offer the best of ESI with the benefits of virtualization, and without changing their current working methods. Agility, innovation, cost rationalization, high availability, after a quick demonstration and a full-scale test on an ESI Group’s client, we understood that ESI and Nanocloud were meant to collaborate.»

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